Driving In A New America, Inc


For the private driving lessons, we normally pick the student up at your home or after school. However, if you are outside our normal pickup area, we may occasionally request a meeting place that is convenient for all parties.

The private lessons are conducted in our company vehicle. Although we have never had an accident with a student driver, for safety purposes, all vehicles are all-wheel-drive and are equipped with an instructor-side brake pedal, antilock brakes, driver and passenger side airbags, and side impact/curtain airbags.

Our driving lessons are normally conducted in 3-hour increments, as this seems to be the most convenient for our clients. It also enables us to cover many driving environments and results in the student learning more while they are "in the learning mode". The time passes quickly since it is a constantly changing environment. Shorter lessons are available upon request (see "Pricing and Packages"). A minimum of six hours instruction plus completion of the optional online safe-driving course is required to get a discount on your car insurance, as well as for early senior license eligibility. A certificate of completion is awarded upon the completion of 6 hours of professional driving lessons.

Driving lessons are conducted seven days a week, year-round (major holidays excluded). Upon receipt of your registration, release form, and tuition payment, you will be contacted by phone to schedule these appointments.

Please inform us of the student's experience and comfort level. If the student has extremely limited experience, the instructor may elect to begin the first lesson in parking lots.

  • 3-hour lesson: We will practice whatever the client requests.
  • 6-hour lesson: One appointment is the "environmental excursion" where we practice driving in a small city, arterial highways (like route 19 in Cranberry Twp.), freeways, and winding country roads. The other appointment is practicing for the driving test.
  • 9-hour lesson: All that is described in 6-hour package, plus a "test prep refresher lesson" (approximately 90 minutes in length) and taking of the actual driving test with our car. (We will happily schedule the test for the client).
  • 12-hour lesson: All that is described in the 9-hour package plus one ICB lesson*.
  • 15-hour lesson: All that is described in the 9-hour package, but including two ICB lessons*.
  • 18-hour lesson: All that is described in the 9-hour package, but including three ICB lessons*.

If purchasing the 6- or 9-hour packages, then the first appointment will be the "environmental excursion" including freeways. For this reason, we do require that the student have a minimum of ten hours instruction from parents or other qualified licensed drivers before scheduling the driving lessons. If purchasing 12 hours or more, then the first lesson can be a "beginners lesson" and the 10-hour parental minimum does not apply, and we can schedule whenever you want.

*ICB stands for "Individual case basis". We can do beginners lessons, an excursion to Pittsburgh, or other practice depending on the individual's requests and level of experience.