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Six hours is the minimum for a certificate. Nine hours is the most popular because it includes another lesson and the driving test. 12 hours is recommended because we can include a beginners lesson. Most lessons are 3-hours in length, but shorter appointments are available (please see below).

The hourly rate will decrease with the more lessons you add, and we always recommend purchasing the most number of professional lessons that you can accommodate. When it comes to our children, there is no such thing as being "too safe". In order to get the lower hourly rate, the package must be paid for in full at the time of purchase. If you wish to "pay-as-you-go," then just register for a single 3-hour lesson and we can add additional lessons as appropriate

Additional lessons can be added to any package, and the hourly rate will equal the current hourly rate for the original package that you purchased.

NOTE: D.I.A.N.A. will absorb all credit card fees for the initial purchase. However, all subsequent purchases are subject to a 3% surcharge to cover credit card processing fees.

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30-Hour Online Course
This is the Online driving safety course, and does not include driving lessons. It is discounted if taken in conjunction with driving lessons.
Driving Lesson Packages:
1 hour (1 appointment)
1-Hour Driving Evaluation. Here's what we'll cover.

2 hours (1 appointment)
If you wish to register for more than one 2-hour appointment, please register for ONE right here, and then phone our office to add the additional lessons.
$210($105 / hr)

3 hours (1 appointment)
$300($100 / hr)

6 hours (2 appointments)
$570($95 / hr)

Driving Test Packages
Final appointment includes Refresher Lesson and PennDOT Driving Test (details)
9 hours including test (3 appointments)
$810($90 / hr)

15 hours including test (5 appointments)
$1200($80 / hr)

18 hours including test (6 appointments)
$1350($75 / hr)

30 hours including test (10 appointments)
$1950($65 / hr)

OPTIONAL: Test at Independent facility in Pittsburgh for $85.
NOTE: By electing a test package, you are permitting D.I.A.N.A. to act as your agent for the purposes of scheduling, rescheduling or canceling the PennDOT driving test for your student. Please do not schedule the test yourself, as it may not match up with our instructors' schedule. If you decide to cancel the test appointment with D.I.A.N.A., then, for your convenience, the PennDOT test will also automatically be cancelled.
Certain geographic restrictions may apply for free pickup. Packages can only be chosen upon initial purchase. You can always add additional lessons after the initial purchase, but the regular lesson price would then apply.
We allot 3-hours for this final appointment, but if PennDOT is behind schedule it may take longer, in which case we will not bill the client for the additional time. We also do not offer a refund if this appointment is under 3 hours. All lessons must be completed within one year of registration.
You may register online for driving lessons, or call our office directly at 724-538-4653