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Our rate for driving lessons is $ 75 per hour for a three-hour lesson. The most popular packages are listed below, but you can always customize your lessons by phoning our office at 724-538-4653.
(NOTE: 2-hour lessons are also available at a rate of $ 85 per hour. Please phone our office if you wish to explore this option)
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30-Hour Online Course
Driving Lesson Packages:
2 hours (1 appointment)
If you wish to register for more than one 2-hour appointment, please select this option then phone our office to add the additional lessons. This is also the selection for the elderly driving evaluation. If you wish to do more than one, please select this option and then phone our office.

3 hours (1 appointment)

6 hours (2 appointments)
This is the minimum for insurance discount and to get senior license before age 18. It includes our standard curriculum, but does not include your driving test.

Driving Test Packages - Include Refresher Lesson and Driving Test
12 hours including test (4 appointments)
Includes either an additional "beginners" lesson or an "advanced" excursion to Pittsburgh.
$875 (you save $25)

15 hours including test (5 appointments)
Includes both an additional "beginners" lesson and an "advanced" excursion to Pittsburgh.
$1075 (you save $50)

18 hours including test (6 appointments)
Includes both an additional "beginners" lesson and an "advanced" excursion to Pittsburgh plus a lesson customized to your request. Where would you like to go? What would you like to do? What do you need more practice with?
$1250 (you save $100)

NOTE: If you wish to pay for more than six appointments, each additional 3-hour lesson will be $210. This equates to $70 per hour, which is a savings of $15 per lesson.
NOTE: By electing a test package, you are permitting D.I.A.N.A. to act as your agent for the purposes of scheduling, rescheduling or canceling the PennDOT driving test for your student. Please do not schedule the test yourself, as it may not match up with our instructors' schedule. If you decide to cancel the test appointment with D.I.A.N.A., then, for your convenience, the PennDOT test will also automatically be cancelled.
Certain geographic restrictions may apply for free pickup. Packages can only be chosen upon initial purchase. You can always add additional lessons after the initial purchase, but the regular lesson price would then apply.
Unique pricing for OVR students: Rate is a flat $60 per hour including time for round trip to and from clients pickup location, plus mileage at $0.54 per mile round trip to pick up student.
You may register online for driving lessons, or call our office directly at 724-538-4653