Driving In A New America, Inc


T.S.D.I. is a joint project by Butler County District Judge Wayne Seibel and Driving In A New America. It is a one-day class designed to give a judge an alternative to current sentencing guidelines, which would require a guilty verdict to be followed by assessing of a fine and points.

This class is specifically designed for teenagers who have already obtained their driving license. This is not a standard "Driver Education" class, and we prefer to call it a "Driver Enlightenment" class. Emphasis will be given to the legal and economical consequences of unsafe driving practices, and particular focus will be placed on safety issues.

There is no cost for attending this class, unless the student has been referred by district court.

Class is held on the first Saturday of May and November in the Community Room of Evans City Library, at 204 S. Jackson St.

Seating is limited. You will be notified via e-mail when registration is accepted.

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NOTE: This class is only available to licensed drivers who are age 16 1/2 - 19 on the date that the class is held.

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