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Over the past ten years, we have taught the D.I.A.N.A. driving safety course in hundreds of classes, to thousands of students. However, due to the immense popularity of our Online Driver's Education course, we now offer the Online version exclusively. The student can access the course from their home computer 24 hours a day, seven days a week and work at their own pace.

There are several reasons why this course will benefit your entire family, not just the student who will be taking the course.

  1. If you wish to receive the driving safety course discount on your car insurance, completion of a 30-hour course will be required. How much will you save? Well most insurance companies apply a 10% discount*, which stays in place until age 25, so just do the math.
  2. If the student would like to receive their regular (senior) driving license before age 18, completion of a 30-hour course will be required*.
  3. Maximize the protection of your student. I have had students say to me "I already know everything, I just need to learn how to parallel park so I can pas my test". I have to smile when I hear this. When I wanted to become a driving instructor, I had already been driving for 35 years, yet I took a course so that I could pass the Pennsylvania Department of Education exam and obtain my teaching license. Guess what? I learned things that even I had not known! Here is a partial list of the subjects covered.
    • Driving in adverse weather conditions
    • How to avoid collisions with deer
    • How to deal with aggressive drivers and road rage situations
    • What to do if you are involved in a collision
    • Developing Perceptual Skills
    • Making Safe Driving Decisions
    • Backing up
    • The Effects of Alcohol and Drugs on a Person's Ability to Drive

Tuition for this course is only $100. A movie and dinner for two will cost you more than $100. Don't you think it would be prudent to invest that money into a course that may not only pay for itself many times over, but will literally help to protect your child for the rest of their lives?

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Slippery Rock HS Students: If you are registering for the 60-hour course that is required by your school district, please note that in the comments.

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*This is the ONLY course that is approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. We recommend that you check with your insurance company to confirm that they offer this discount, and with PennDOT for early St. License eligibility. The course is hosted by a third party, SomaStream. By registering with us, you will also be registered with the SomaStream website.